Reiki Training Program


Thank you for your interest in our Reiki Program.  This program, completed in its entirety, will last 6 months in duration and be paced at the student’s own mastery of each subject taught.  There are no shortcuts given for the information found in this program as it is of the utmost importance for you, your clients, and your future students that you receive the best training possible.  I am here to create highly knowledgeable practitioners and teachers to help spread the healing and teachings to all who seek it.


The Reiki program is based on systems developed by Dr. Miako Usui that include: elements of the Usui Ryoho-Tibetan tradition, developed by Arthur Robertson, and an Egyptian system, Sekhem, as taught by Patrick Zeigler.  Currently, there is work for the approval of Continuing Education Credits being considered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

Elements of this program include:

Reiki Level I – Level I explores the history of Reiki, the technique to balance your own energies, meditation, and how to assist others to reconnect to their own healing process. 12 hours (includes manual and certificate). Prerequisite: None

Illuminating the Light Body: The Major and Minor Chakras – Beyond the realm of the senses, there are subtler forms of energy which impact the nourishment of body, mind and spirit. These are levels of consciousness. Learn how this ancient system is incorporated into the Reiki practice. 12 hours (includes manual and certificate). Prerequisite: None

Reiki Level II – In this workshop will review Reiki I then learn emotional, mental and distance healing. 12 hours (includes manual and certificate). Prerequisite: Reiki I, Illuminating the Light Body.

Anatomy Level I – Learn about the systems of the body and how they interact with each other. 12 hours (includes certificate; must purchase own text book). Prerequisite: None

Practicums – Each student must complete and document 20 Reiki sessions: 10 receiving and 10 to others.

Clinic – A clinic environment can be scheduled for those students who need assistance in completing their practicums. (non mandatory)

Meditation – Each student is required to record 100 hours of meditation.

Level I Life Energy Art Class– students must complete a level I energy course (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Taoist Breathing, etc.) through a certified instructor as this will relate to your practice. These courses enable us to cultivate our energy as practitioners. Reiki I or II does not count as your energy art and the course must be previously approved by your instructor.

Reiki Master Level III– To become a master, one needs to take the time to look within to identify your blocks and release them in a healthy way. We will explore various levels of consciousness and advanced techniques to do this. This class will take place in a natural, retreat style setting to allow students to connect with nature on all possible levels. 20 hours Prerequisites: All previous courses

Reiki Teacher Level IV – Are you ready to be the teacher? As a student, you will learn how to prepare the class and must be prepared to teach a segment of a Reiki program class. Co-teaching a class with your instructor is highly encouraged at this level. (includes manual and certificate)

Total cost for the program does not including cost of your textbook for A&P I.

Elements of this program must be completed in the order given as each class leads into the next. Your meditation record, practicums, energy art training, and A&P training are mandatory before you begin Reiki III. If you have already taken A&P or an energy art through a college or trade school, please be prepared to present proof of education. Financial considerations for students are on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me if you have any further questions.
Many blessings to your on your journey of growth and discovery.


Elizabeth Hill, RMT