Numina Therapy


Numina is the plural form for the Latin term “Numen”, described as the special divine force of any object, place, or phenomenon. This is the spirit of the different therapies that are used to help one obtain their highest level of wellness and seek the divine within themselves.

Numina Therapy offers free initial consultations on all therapy options and specializes its approach to the needs of the client for the best possible treatment outcome.

Outcall Services are available (Home, Office, Hotel, etc.)*

Current Licensure includes Texas Health and Human Services (THHS) Commission

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) #4400662520 and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) MT 122756.

Numina Therapy services being offered include:

Massage Therapy Services
• Burn Scar Massage Therapy– Coming Soon!
• Deep Muscle/Neuro-Muscular
• Geriatric
• Prenatal
• Sports
• Swedish
• Targeted Treatments

Therapeutic Enhancements
• Cold Stone Therapy
• Hot Stone Therapy
• Rejuvenating Face Therapy
• Rejuvenating Foot Therapy
• Therapeutic Aromatherapy

Energy & Vibrational Therapy Services
• Chakra Balancing
• Crystal Healing
• Guided Meditation
• Holistic Life Coaching
• Medical Intuitive Consulting
• Reiki

We look forward to being a partner in your holistic life journey.

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