Not All That Glitters Is Gold

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(Long Post Warning)
Dear friends, I must warn you about a scam that targets small businesses in the Holistic Coach and Holistic Health Practitioners.
I was contacted recently by an entity known as Close Up Television News Talk Radio (CUTV).
-They call to speak with you and tell you how they want to feature you (especially if your female) and your business on television or radio. Their focus is on holistic health.
– They will talk continuously to sell you on why you should consider this opportunity.
-You will find that they will ask you for information about your business and tell you that your website needs work to become more marketable.
– They will ask for an outrageous amount of money. They may ask between $800-$1,500 for a blog talk radio show, 30 minutes in length, with your host being some famous news personality like Doug Llewelyn or Mike Wallace. They ask for $12,500 for you to flow up to Connecticut to be filmed for a show, which they say is 25% of the cost of all this production while they foot the bill for 75%. They promise that you make that money back when you are contracted for a year to do speaking engagements across the United States. This is referred to as “Pay-to-Play”. When you repeat that you are not interested due to the financial obligation, they will offer to drop the price or allow a payment plan to entice you to accept their offer.
-You are to be contacted by a secretary, a professional web designer, or some other person to get your input on your website, interview, or whatever they are contacting you for.
-You have to sign an agreement. If you have given up your credit card information, they will take the funds out immediately without your consent.
– You are “recorded” in your conversation for a scripted show. When you get the transcripts or news release, way beyond the time it is promised, you find that you are misquoted and all kinds of errors in the press release.
– For a television studio appearance, you are interviewed by a panel of people associated with a talent scout to narrow down who out of 4 candidates will get this once a (month, quarter, year) slot to be featured and that CUTV will own all the creative rights.
Many practitioners have been dreaming of such a wonderful opportunity to get their business out there but are taken by this company and never given what back when they put in. Don’t get caught out there.
I have included a blog about those who have been contacted or taken for a lot of money by this type of scam.
Be Well, Friends!

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